Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee


The Spelling Bee is an event that challenges children grades 1-9 National and 1-8 International to utilize their spelling and phonetic skills in a competitive environment. 
The Spelling Bee of Jordan was established in response to a need within the community for a stimulating, educational program, outside the regular school curriculum, which would focus specifically on English language basics.  The Brighter Horizons Academy Spelling Bee Competition is designed to contribute to the development of our youth’s self esteem, creating pride in academic achievement. This event helps to build a solid foundation for their future education and careers.

Mission and goal

Our mission is to :

·         Enrich the learning experience of our youth through growth in English vocabulary, public speaking and self-confidence.

·         Engage youth, parents, schools, businesses and the community at large in a yearly education process.

Our program goals are to:

·         Provide young people between the ages of 6 and 15 with the opportunity to participate in a positive, competitive spelling exchange to improve their English language, spelling capabilities, comprehension and communication skills.

·         Develop self-esteem, confidence and interpersonal skills of students by exposing them to positive role models, tutors and peer supports throughout the course of the preparation and the championship.

·         Promote community-based partnerships by engaging members of various communities in advancing the benefits of the Spelling Bee, getting youth involved and promoting the importance of education, especially reading comprehension and spelling.

·         Build a network of young people who will act as peer mentors for other students; and play a key role in supporting the academic growth of students, especially in the areas of reading comprehension and spelling through collaborative partnerships with libraries, individual schools and the community-based educational programs


Specific rules

There are 2 levels of competition in the Spelling Bee:

·         JSB (Junior Spelling Bee): Grades 1, 2 and 3 .

·         SSB (Senior Spelling Bee): Grades 4, 5 and 6 .


Winner and ranks

1.     Based on the scores of the Oral Phase, the judges will determine the winners. The 1st place winner shall be ahead by at least one point to be declared as the champion.

2.     There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for Grades 1-6 International section and Grades 1-6 Arabic / National section.


Tie break rules

1.     The tiebreaker rules apply ONLY if there are at least 2 or more contestants participating in a given level after the first three rounds have been completed.

2.     In the event of a tie, those members will be given words found on the list to spell orally, in order to declare a winner for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place.



How it works

To become one of the finalists in the Brighter Horizons Academy Spelling Bee, students must win their school spelling bee. The winner from each school becomes a finalist in the Spelling Bee contest.


Why Brighter Horizons Academy ?

Brighter Horizons Academy is considered one of the most suitable places for a student to learn in a modern Islamic environment where they will find teaching and learning opportunities that enable them to become good individuals who grow up and interact positively to develop their physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects .



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