PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

Dear Parents,
Brighter Horizons Academy would like to start the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). The school strongly believes in the countless benefits that will serve the students from this joint collaboration between the school and the parents.  For those of you that are not familiar with the PTO, the main objective of this association is for parents to do volunteer work to help the school. Following is a list of how parents can help:

·          Read stories to students during library time.

·          If a mother excels in a certain area, then she may tutor the students

            in that subject after receiving administration approval.

·          Chaperone students field trips and help during recess.

·          Assist in the school’s events (Cultural Day, Science fair etc…)

·          Prepare or organize school activities.

·          Parents can raise funds that might facilitate the learning process

            for the students.         

The PTO members will be expected to meet once a month. 
You can kindly place all your comments and suggestions in the PTO folder which will be available at the secretary’s front desk.

For more information contact us at:  5533806


Why Brighter Horizons Academy ?

Brighter Horizons Academy is considered one of the most suitable places for a student to learn in a modern Islamic environment where they will find teaching and learning opportunities that enable them to become good individuals who grow up and interact positively to develop their physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects .



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